W0CLR Pre Estate Sale

PRE-Estate Sale (Hi)

These are offered to SSARC members until Jan 22nd, then they will be posted on Larry’s List

1 – Tri-Ex W51 Crank up/Tilt over tower, specs at Tashtowers.com
1 – B&W Folded Dipole, used.  160-10 Meters Model BWD-90
1 – 4 section Pushup mast
3 – small 12V UPS with 8 amp battery backup, used with AT&T modems
1 – 12V Astron SLR-11 power supply
5 – 10’x1 1/4″ mast sections, unused
1 – Mobile whips with ball mounts
1 – Microcraft Morse-A-Keyer CW keyboard
1 – Alenco ALR-72 UHF transceiver w mobile mount
1 – Anytone DMR HT
1 – 5 position antenna switch
1 – Antenna Mart model SW 5G remote antenna switch
1 – Foxhunt transceiver
1 – Yaesu FTM-350 Dual Band Transceiver with APRS
1 – Icom AH-3 HF tuner
1 – Icom AH-4 HF tuner
1 – Visio TV w remote Model 22L
3 – Oscilloscopes that need repair
1 – NCL-2000 Linear with spare finals – (has a driver transformer problem)

Several – Ground rods and earth anchors

Boxes containing these items:

Antenna insulators
B&W coil stock and other inductors
Inductors for dual band dipoles
DC power cables & connectors (red & black)
Transformers, mostly power types
Meter movements
RG45 cable and connectors
Resistors and fixed caps
Variable caps
RCA cables
Telephone stuff
Transistors, IC’s and sockets
Lots of wire and coax
TV coax and connectors
Misc metal small metal boxes
Mobile and base station VHF and dual band antennas (and parts)

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