Surplus 17-02

SouthSide Amateur radio club has for sale the following equipment and materials which are surplus to its needs.

email to purchase, inspect or ask a question.

3 sections of Rohn 25 – SOLD
All sections are straight and appear to be in good condition. One of the three sections has had 8 inches or so cut off from the base.


APC SmartUPS 2200 (SOLD)
Removed from working service, batteries have reached end of life and were removed.

The complete battery connection harness is included.



Motorola MSF 5000 ( SOLD )

  1. Two  VHF MSF5000 parts repeaters in various states of completeness.Model: C73CXB7106B
    Serial #: 388CUG0067andModel: C63RLB7106BT
    Serial #:684CXF0002
  2. One VHF MSF5000 complete repeater.Model: C63RLB7106A
    Serial#: 684CTU0028
  1. Homebrew 12v DC power supply ($50)
  2. Approximately 4 feet of ladder rack ($10)
  1. Approximately 30 feet of Andrew DF4RN-30R  ($30)
  1. 23 Inch open frame rack with 4 shelves ($80)


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