New Hams

We are glad to hear your are interested in becoming a licensed amateur radio operator. Here is some info you might find helpful.

The first test you will have to pass is for your technician license.

For more info on that license see this link.

There are training classes taught locally in the Kansas City area from the guys at

They teach it on weekends and have a good track record of training people to pass the test. (1100 students and counting!)

You can usually find times to take the test throughout the year at various hamfests or monthly in various locations throughout the city from W5YI testing.  See this link for more info on testing center locations and dates.
Also, Larry’s List is a excellent resource of information for hams in the kc surrounding area. I would highly recommend subscribing to this email list as it is very useful for learning the ham scene in kc and communicating with other hams.

There are practices tests you can take online at the following websites.

Finally, there are many excellent books you can use to study with and pass the tests as well.  Just go to Amazon and search technician license. You may also be able to find them at your local library. 

There are also many great clubs in the kc area. You are more than welcome to come to the SouthSide amateur radio club meeting and get to know some fellow hams. We meet the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

I hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have any further questions.