Surplus Tower and antennas

Updated 21-Oct 2202UTC

Bidding is closed congratulations to the winners.

A weekend work day will be scheduled in early November. I will be in contract with the winners to work out the logistics.   

Item Current Bid ($) High Bidder
Rohn 30ft push up mast 25.00 N0IRN
HF Multiband vertical 50.00 AC0QK
ROHN 25G top section 25.00 AC0QK
Three sections of tower brand unknown. 55.00 AC0QK
Three rolls of coax, RG-8 type 25.00 KC0TFR
Homemade 30ft crankup/tilt over tower 150.00 AC0QK
3 Element beam (looks to be a Mosley) 65.00 AC0QK
Rotor and control head 25.50 W0CLR


73, Jay

Jay Duthler (N0IAI)



Rohn 30ft push up mast

Rohn 30 ft mast and a Rohn top section.

Tower top section and Rohn telescoping mast

Roll of coax, I did not record the length, I would estimate 50ft.

Roll of coax, I did not record the length.

Roll of coax, estimated length 100ft.

Three sections of tower, brand unknown.

Multiband HF vertical looks to be HyGain brand.

Ringo Ranger, dual band

Tilt over base, home made 30ft crank up tower.

30ft Crank up tower

From the ground looks to be a Mosley Classic 33. I can confirm. Complete rotor and mast also available.

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