N0HV Repeater

SSARC Sponsors a VHF repeater in Raymore MO operating under the clubs callsign of N0HV.

RX: AMS mode will accept both C4FM and Analog FM
TX: Fixed FM

147.120Mhz Positive Offset
Tone in /out: 151.4 / 151.4

Listen on Broadcastify



EchoLink N0HV-R (Node 993190)

Echolink install guide

To make an outbound echolink connection:

Find a Echolink note or Conference  http://www.echolink.org/links.jsp

Note! The node number must be padded to 6 digits. Example, if node number is 1234, pad it to 001234.  Node 67190 is padded to 067190. Six digit node needs no padding.

Command Description Example
*33<Node> Connect To connect to node 123456, send the following DTMF commands.
*13<Node> Disconnect To disconnect from node 123456, send the following DTMF commands
*76 Disconnect all Will disconnect all connected
*81 Announce time Make the AllStar node announce the current time


For assistance in setting up you radio to transmit in C4FM when in AMS mode. Please refer to the following attachment.

Note it is recommended to use analog if you intend to utilize Echolink connectivity.

N0HV AMS Use Rev 1.0