January 15th 2019 Show and Tell

We had a good turnout at Minsky’s on the 15th. As there was a lot of interest in the ZumSpot I brought for show and tell.

This is a high level follow up of my experience with a Zumspot. As the Zumspot was my first hotspot I went for a turn key hardware solution which I purchased from Ham Radio Outlet.

I have since built several hotspots from ebay and components purchased at MicroCenter. Complete details on these builds in a future post.

All of the hotspots I am running use PiStar as the operating system which is available at the link below. Very easy to get up and running and it support multiple modes.

PiStar http://www.pistar.uk

No need to reinvent here in this post, I strongly recommend the post below by KE0FHS. It was the play book I used while standing up my first Hotspot.

Blog entry by KE0FHS https://amateurradionotes.com/pi-star.htm

Have fun.

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