Cass County ARES HF Exercise 29-April-2017

Cass County ARES will be holding an HF Exercise on 29-April 2017 to test HF communications within Cass county.

For this exercise frequencies on 40m, 60m and 80m will be used.

Note: Participants are advised to monitor the SSARC repeater during the exercise. If problems are encountered, Net Control will call on the SSARC repeater. 

  • Net control will open a net on the SSARC repeater at 9am and take check ins.
    • At this time net control will share the per band primary and backup HF frequencies to be used during the test.
  • Net control will then have everyone switch to the first HF frequency
    • If the frequency is clear net control will perform a roll call of those who checked in on the repeater. 
    • Otherwise the group is advised to switch to the backup frequency. 
  • All information passed should be logged by all participants.
  • After the roll call is complete on a band, Net Control will move to the next band and take check ins.
  • At the conclusion of the HF portion of the exercise, please meet back on the SSARC repeater.

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