Welcome to the SSARC website. Here you can find information about our ham radio club based in South Kansas City in Belton / Raymore. If you’re interested in ham radio and live in south Kansas City, come check us out. There are lots of great local clubs in the area. We invite you to come to one of our meetings and check-in to our weekly net. Check the Latest News page for up to date happenings.

Club Meeting:
Every Third Tuesday of the Month, 7:00 pm
Carnegie Village Meeting Area (2nd floor)
107 Bernard
Belton MO 64012
(Close to Hwy Y and Hwy 58 in Belton, MO)

Club Net:
Southside Club Net
Every Tuesday at 8:00 pm
Club Repeater
2 Mtr. FM 147.120+
CTCSS 151.4

Club Breakfast:
Visit with us for breakfast every Saturday morning at 7:00 am at J&L Diner at 224 N Scott Ave, Belton, MO. (Just West of Hwy Y and 58, on the North Side).  Good food, good friends, and good conversation!  Come early to get a good seat.

Contact Us:
Email us:
Write to us:
SouthSide ARC
P.O. Box 701
Grandview, MO 64030


The South Side Amateur Radio Club is a 501c3 Organization.You can view our 501c3 letter on the Documents page under SSARC misc Documents. You’re donations are tax deductible.